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Capacity Planning for agency access

Project background :

You represent an international fashion company. All of your computer resources, including business applications used for production, distribution, and point-of-sale management, are hosted at the corporate office and are web-based (graphical document sharing). These applications' users are mostly in production plants, agencies, and warehouses (50 sites). They frequently complain of slow loadtimes which keep the company from reaching its full potential. You suspect that some types of network access might be insufficiently scaled, but which ones?

Client's need :

The primary goal is to verify the volumes of flows exchanged per minute between corporate and the remote sites.

The secondary goal is to set a policy and schedule for raising the capacity of the lines at whichever sites receive the most load from business applications.

H5 audits' answer :

An H5-200 unit placed on the mirror port of the corporate site's entry switch can provide an overview of the flows exchanged between corporate and the remote sites, in mere minutes.

By narrowing the search to one particular remote site in the table of monitored objects, it is possible to measure the volumes of flows exchanged for that site with respect to the various applications hosted at the central site over several reference periods defined by the hours and days when the sites are in operation. 

A comparison between minute-by-minute flow graphs for the various monitored objects shows which remote sites are experiencing peak traffic and bandwidth saturation for WAN access and need to have their transmission capacity increased. When used regularly, the H5 solution makes it possible to carefully plan a network capacity increase, boosting the capacity of sites that need it while also delaying upgrades to lines that are not yet saturated and can wait. Once the remote access capacity increases are in effect, the H5-200 unit can be used to confirm that there is no traffic saturation. H5-Performance Reporter provides traffic monitoring for all actors: CIO, Network Engineer, Helpdesk and Operations.

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