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Customers testimonials

Founded in Paris in 2003, H5 audits is a French software vendor providing in monitoring solutions for applications and networks performance.
Prestigious clients trust H5 audits with its solutions. We address all type of enterprises : from SMB, large Enterprises to Service Providers.
They chose H5 audits. Please read their testimonials here bellow :

Témoignage Client ATOS
ATOS analyses its customers’ network and business flows with
H5 AUDITS solutions.

>Download the ATOS customer testimonial (pdf).

CLUB MED customer testimonial

CLUB MED relies on H5 AUDITS monitoring and reporting solutions.

>Download the CLUB MED customer testimonial (pdf).

LABEYRIE Fine Foods customer testimonial

LABEYRIE Fine Foods has visibility on its flows thanks to H5 AUDITS.

>Download the LABEYRIE Fine Foods customer testimonial (pdf).

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