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Datacenter traffic matrix

Project background :

Our client is a major public-sector company that specializes in international logistics. The upcoming migration of a datacenter devoted to import/export sorting requires that new secure firewalls are installed and configured.

Client's need :

The configuration of the new firewalls must be optimized to meet actual traffic needs using a set of precise and tailored rules. There should be as few rules as possible. To do so, the client's network and security architects want a detailed matrix showing the datacenter's incoming/outgoing traffic in order to accurately identify the platform's flows, and to deduce which rules are to be applied.

H5 audits' answer:

An H5-200 probe dedicated IP traffic information automatically collect was installed at the datacenter's entry point. For four straight days the tool continuously collected all needed metrics to create the matrix : IP conversations, incoming and outgoing application ports, and over a fifty traffic assessment measures (load, capacity, network latency time, server response time, etc.).


H5-200’ created database produces summary tables showing the client requested flows matrix, that will allow firewall optimization configuration. Only mandatory rules will be set up for datacenters servers’ traffic. This information has simplified and accelerated the migration and achieved substantial savings on this project.

In order to monitor datacenter traffic and appropriate rules’ follow-ups for Datacenters servers, H5-Performance Reporter is available to broadcast information to all audiences : CIO, Network Engineer, Helpdesk and Operations.

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