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The Web reporting portal allows IT Management to consult available driven dashboards at all times.
The IT Operations are able to analyze the causes of malfunctions and quickly notify the appropriate teams.
SNMP or email alerts allow the Support to be immediately notified of an incident or abnormal situation.
This interface allows Transversal Businesses to have the same visibility into their business applications.

Reporting & Administration interface
H5-Performance Reporter is the H5-Solutions’ web interface that gives access to :
This mutualized interface allows to coordinate and centralize all information related to the administration and reporting.

Simple, comprehensive and intuitive
H5-Performance Reporter is a simple, comprehensive and intuitive reporting with an easy access to an instantaneous dashboard with an ergonomic view.

Common to all actors
H5-Performance Reporter interface offers all business audiences a tailored use adapted to their needs. In addition to ease communication within the company, H5-Performance Reporter sends alerts to all involved teams when incidents occur and enables root causes’ analysis : you become proactive.

Complete view of your entire network and your applications
You know the first service that IT department must provide to the company is to maintain the performance and availability of applications and network. Via its interface, H5-Performance Reporter has an instantaneous and complete view of your entire network and your applications.

Built-in and customized reports
This H5-Performance Reporter interface provides built-in reports and customized reports in which you organize your own way folders, subfolders or reports (as many as you need).

Ergonomic and fast
Its ergonomics and its easy handling allow everyone to create, modify and analyze reports (in accordance to user’s profile configuration).

H5-Performance Reporter en pratique

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