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H5-Performance Reporter web interface links H5-Solutions configuration and administration functionalities and reporting.
All users have access to information related to alarms, calendars, subscriptions and reports. Historical database is accessible through this interface : archive on day, on week, on month and on year periods.
Dashboards are available :
Immediately on the interface,
By download,
By email.

H5-Performance Reporter allows to : 
…the data analyzed via a multi-appliances centralized reporting.

This all-in-one solution answers your needs, you perform :
A monitoring,
A reporting,
An appropriate communication with H5-Performance Reporter.

This interface enables centralized administration of monitored objects, business flows, internal IPs, VLANs and users.

The 3 steps to be completed to get to the reporting are :

 Data collection

Step n°1 : Data collection
Application metrics,
Traffic metrics,
Network and application,

Step n°2 : Analytics analytics
Business flow,
Monitoring objects,
Alerts and investigations,

Step n°3 : Reporting reporting
The right information
… To the right person
… In the right format
… At the right time.


Unique business flow reporting and visibility solution
A common solution for all actors

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