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Monitoring of "Cloud" based applications

Project background :

You work for an insurance company. Your agencies are spread throughout the country and all agency applications are consolidated at the HQ office.

Agency users frequently complain of long connection times and application malfunctions which always occur on the same hours. You suspect an infrastructure overloaded and undersized network architecture.

As your infrastructure monitoring misses details, you lost visibility compared to when servers were hosted in agencies.

Client's need :

You want to recover identical view of your applications as before Wan applications consolidation. You also need to set up server, network, and application behavior monitoring in order to anticipate the network traffic growth and application usage.


H5 audits' answer :

With just one H5 unit installed on the HQ's Wan access point, using Advanced Layer 4 Monitoring features (like monitored objects), you are able to instantly view all incoming and outgoing traffic from the central servers towards the agencies, along with the applications.

Analyzing SRT and CST metrics (Server Response Time and Connection Setup Time) allows you to identify down to the minute which servers are experiencing slowdowns and which agencies and applications are affected. You need to objectively determine which server or network upgrades are needed to remedy those problems.

Alerts for excessive response times and daily/weekly/monthly reports can be created to give CIOs and Helpdesk more visibility, through the H5-Performance Reporter. H5-Performance Reporter permits to access traffic monitoring reports in real time and accurate history of traffic.

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