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Multi-datacenter agregated traffic monitoring

Project background :

Your public works company has two Datacenters. A few months ago, you decided to outsource the datacenters and servers management to a cloud computing service. Since then, you lost visibility of your flows. The outsourcer gives you excellent visibility on the system level, but little or no visibility for application flows or server user’s flows. The operator responsible for the connections between the Datacenters and your agencies does provide connection monitoring, but the information is complex to correlate with the system information.

Client's need :

You need to restore end-to-end visibility of “IN” and “OUT” application flows for both Datacenters that are directed to your agencies.

H5 audits' answer :

An H5-Appliance has been installed on each Datacenters’ WAN access point. Although the two datacenters are physically in two different countries, it is possible to analyze their application flows at the same time through H5-Dock multiprobe aggregation.

The H5-Dock application provides your teams with a consolidated global view of your application flows, whether the servers are hosted on the first or second Datacenter. Each H5-Appliance's data is automatically consolidated by the minute for each of the 68 metrics supported. Additionally, by using the monitored objects of both H5-Appliance, the agencies' flows can be analyzed easily at a glance. It will thereby be possible to determine the load of each Datacenter in terms of how many users are connected at once, number of applications, total capacity, number of application connections, etc.

Naturally, if mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring were to cause a new Datacenter to be managed by the outsourcer, simply installing a new H5-Appliance would let that data be consolidated in the same way as for the first two datacenters.

Through H5-Performance Reporter, all your teams have a customized view, in regards to their business, via a common interface: CIO, Network Engineer, Helpdesk and Operations.

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