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Multi-datacenter applications performance

Project background :

Your public works company has two datacenters. A few months ago, you decided to outsource the datacenters and servers management to a cloud computing service. Since then, you lost sight of your flows. Recently deployed, H5-Appliance gives you again access to your end-to-end visibility of “IN” and “OUT” application flows.

Client's need:

However, you need to assess on a case-by-case basis the user experience within each agency and challenge both your outsourcer and service provider with respect to the quality of service actually delivered.

H5 audits' answer :

An H5-Appliance has been installed on each datacenter's WAN access point. In addition to the multiple volume metrics, the two H5-Appliances provide application performance metrics that can also be viewed in a consolidated way on a single console (H5-Dock graphical application). From a single point on a common interface for all actors H5-Performance Reporter broadcasts the information.

The application H5-Dock will provide your teams with a global, consolidated view of your application flows' metrics ("connection setup time" or "round trip time"), whether the servers are hosted at the first or second datacenter. These two metrics (among 68) determine which agencies are the most affected by poor response times and quickly determine whether you should call the operator or the outsourcer to resolve the incident.

The consolidation of performance metrics is useful in this context, particularly when the datacenters fulfill similar tasks with comparable resources, since response time is a reliable metric and difficult to challenge.

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