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Network Performance Intelligence

In companies, network and application teams are the divided into two separate departments using their own tools. In cases of slowdown in business applications, Network is blamed…but it’s not always the Network fault. Implementation of a common solution for all teams will facilitate internal communication and resolve the issue.

Network teams have implemented monitoring infrastructure tools. Such tools have been widely deployed in companies for several years and provide good infrastructure visibility. These standardized tools cover a large part of the network. However, while tools indicate smooth operation, users can face application malfunctions such as significant slowdowns or even downtimes.

Application teams are equipped with dedicated applications monitoring tools which evaluate business applications performance to reflect the activity of the company. Nonetheless, such tools are often specific to business applications and feature multiple views. They are difficult to interpret, as not related to one another. They are complicated to implement, cumbersome, require great deal of human resources and involve high cost.

Network Performance Intelligence
H5 audits solutions are based on an advanced monitoring technology, the connection between network and application technologies: the Network Performance Intelligence. This positioning allows to bridge the gap between teams by offering visibility of both network and business applications. Enterprises now have a global and complete visibility. They own an “all-in-one” view of both their network and application flows.

Positionnement H5 audits Network Performance Intelligence

Network teams, CIO and application teams benefit from a mutualized and customized
monitoring and reporting solution

N.P.I. covers both network and application requirements while offering the following advantages :
100% network coverage,
100% application coverage,
Global use,
Business visibility,
Approved and standard model,
Simple and intuitive views,
Low cost of ownership.

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