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QoE of remote users - Troubleshooting

Project background :

You are a small retailor company. The business applications used for stock management, order processing, customer accounting, and CRM are hosted in a Datacenter. Salespeople are out in the fields covering the full territory. They connect on a daily basis to their applications using 3G or customer sites Wi-Fi. These demanding users' complaints are piling up on your desk. You have doubts about the server's hosting capacity and the volumes of data that enter and leave the Datacenter over the WAN link; salespeople keep on asking to be upgraded to 4G. Your budget is limited and you have to make targeted and cautions investments, choosing only those that provide a rapid return of investment (ROI).

Client's need :

Your first goal is to assess user experience quality for the critical application transactions for the entire itinerant population, you need to determine the periodicity recurrence and primary cause of poor services and to plan infrastructure upgrades.

Your second goal is to implement user experience quality monitoring once the infrastructure has been upgraded.

H5 audits' answer :

An H5-200 unit is installed on the mirror port of the datacenter's entry switch. It can provide an overview of the mobile users' flows in both directions from based servers’ Datacenter, in only a few minutes.

By narrowing the search to SaaS-hosted servers, you can measure response times and volumes of all, this applies for each user and for each application on a minute-by-minute basis.

In a few clicks, you generate analysis models that will ultimately enable to determine and schedule which resources are to be upgraded: servers, WAN connections, or mobile subscriptions. You'll objectively measure the quality of service improvements that result from your investments. Through the H5-Performance Reporter, you can analyze your decisions' impacts.

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