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QoE of WAN subsidiaries users

Project background :

You work for home improvement company which has agencies nationwide. You are unable to view flows between the agencies and the corporate office. You get complaints from the agencies about slow service, abnormal long connection times and failed connections. You suspect that the network may be undersized and that there may be too many connections at once: Your network is causing trouble to your team, and you want to fix that issue.

Client's need :

You want to measure the response times of agency users in order to size the network in regards of the observed flows (baselining).

You also want to be responding on your network's performance, by configuring alarms that alert Helpdesk in real time. As soon as response times are abnormally high or in case of degradation alarms must be triggered.

H5 audits' answer :

An H5-Appliance has been installed on the mirror port of the HQ's entry switch (where business application servers are hosted).

In order to measure the performance of application transactions, you can observe the change in metrics like SRT and CST (Server Response Time and Connection Setup Time) on dedicated indicator charts, differentiated agency by agency with a minute granularity.

This monitoring shows clearly which agencies use the most traffic. Agencies that exceed the defined thresholds (even for one minute) are reported to the Helpdesk team. H5-Performance Reporter will provide a breakdown of the traffic through traffic monitoring. All H5-Performance Reporter users have same view thanks to the mutual solution. Likewise, if response times are over the limits, Helpdesk will automatically be warned on real time and on same schedule as other IT actors : Corrections actions can be started ASAP.

You will make the necessary decisions with full knowledge of the facts, and thereby resize your agency access points based on the exchanged business flows.

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