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SaaS applications performance monitoring

Project background :

You are a regional small business in the facilities management field. Applications are hosted in the datacenter cloud. Our primary application is a bespoke CRM used facilities management. It is used by many itinerant, sales and site-controlling users, connected by 3G throughout France. This critical application must always be accessible without downtime, and must provide acceptable end-to-end response time. However, users often report connection issues and slow service. It is expected that some slowdowns might be 3G-related, but others might be from incorrect network equipment for the transmitted flows, or insufficient servers.

Client's need :

Your main goal is at all time to assess the users’ applications response times as perceived by them when they are connected, and to determine the root cause of the poor service.

H5 audits' answer :

Once installed, the H5 virtual appliance makes it easy for you to generate per-minute response time graphs (Round Trip Time - RTT, Server Response Time - SRT) for all exchanged flows between the hosted applications and remote users. You will be able to narrow a search to a predefined period (weeks, days, hours, etc.) or to users’ complaint periods, and produce and display graphs to your selection. Once this phase is completed, you are able to configure a follow-up reports generation, or set up alerts for poor response times.

Analyzing all collected Data’s allows producing quick diagnoses that identify slow down or degradation root causes : Upgrading bandwidth, resizing servers or axis prioritization such as 4G migration. Following improvements set up, the H5 virtual appliance will allow you to confirm its positive effects on users’ experience. H5-Performance Reporter provides complete network traffic monitoring and covers all end users traffic : CIO, Network Engineer, Helpdesk and Operations.

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