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Solutions by function

IT Management

IT Management is responsible for the IT tools politics and strategies on the long run along with investments suitability. As they are in charge of key decisions regarding IP infrastructures, IT managers have.....Lire la suite

IT Operations

IT Operations are responsible every day to provide good IT operations services. They need an instantaneous and detailed view of all applications and services that constantly run on the IP infrastructure. It is.....Lire la suite


Helpdesk is in the front row with users as it is in charge of end-users relationship. When malfunctions and incidents are happening, support need to access complete and simple views. Goal is to.....Lire la suite

Transversal Business

Marketing, Finance, Human resources teams need to access specific IT information regarding the performance of their dedicated business application or of one special resource.
More and more involved in the strategizing.....Lire la suite

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