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VPN firewalls capacity planning

Project background:

Your National insurance company has several agencies connected to the corporate office via IPSEC VPN links to the central servers.

New BZ Apps deployment projects have led you to overhaul the agencies' WAN architecture in order to take into account data flows volumes of those new applications. Firewall processing capacity in packets per second is very sensitive. Measurement tools need to be installed on your network in order to pilot these deployments.

Client's need:

You want to analyze remote sites' incoming and outgoing flows based on their capacities and recurrences, in order to size the agencies' access capabilities to fit their needs.

You also want to set regular and live alerts in order to notify immediately Helpdesk if the firewalls responsible for encrypting the VPNs become saturated.

H5 audits' answer:

Installed within few minutes before the HQ's access firewall, the H5-Appliance provides a detailed map of incoming and outgoing traffic to and from all agencies using monitored objects. It determines the TOP traffic-consuming agencies. For each agency applications and users responsible for the heaviest peaks in throughput are identified. You detect, for each application and user, the packet capacity peaks that are frequently limited due to the firewall congestion.

It is then easy to determine which firewalls need a priority upgrade or change. Once the upgrades have been implemented, you can check which limits on traffic capacity have been reduced or erased.

Weekly "Capacity Planning" reports can be generated with monitored objects. The network teams can rely on those reports to make decisions regarding network access upgrades.

H5-Performance Reporter provides traffic monitoring for all end users and quickly notify the Helpdesk if firewalls saturate via alarm functionality.

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