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Business is tough! Competition is high and business conditions are getting rougher. You need to invest steadily in IT Technologies to remain in the race! Your IP Network is under high solicitations: all communications are converging towards your network, IT usage is exploding. You need to manage your IP Network and get global visibility instantaneously ! 


You need a monitoring and reporting solution that provides data’s explaining slowdowns noticed by users. In addition, you need to be pro-active on incidents, analyses end-user experience and understand how your network is used. 


Your IT system enjoins difficult challenges such as : 
>  Secure a high level of quality for telephony-over-IP (ToIP),
>  Guarantee a high quality of Service from network and applications,
>  Manage LAN and WAN performances and optimize costs,
>  Pro-active to prevent remote users complaints.


H5 audits solution allows to monitor networks and critical applications performance and security. Solution is passive- non intrusive – HW & SW. All data is monitored and analyzed constantly. 

Real-time and detailed statistics are produced on the fly regarding applications and network performances. That allows companies to : 

>  Collect and analyze all network and applications data,
>  Broadcast synthetic dashboards to all IT departments,
>  Provide efficient, customizable and accurate reporting.

Information access is granted via 2 GUI :
H5-Dock : Java software interface giving access to the full/whole solution database.
> H5-Performance Reporter : Simple, complete and intuitive reporting interface that gives access to an instant and ergonomic dashboards view.

Need more information, please contact us via email ( or phone +33 1 56 83 77 30.

IP applications monitoring

Based on “Network Performance Intelligence” and thanks to decades of expertise in auditing network , H5 audits has developed its H5-Appliance range to address IT teams needs with a complete solution that offers global visibility and scalability, which is easy... Read more

NetFlow/SFlow monitoring

H5 audits have developed a solution that provides to the network administrators a business visibility via simple intuitive and complete views. H5 audits rely on a proven and standardized model which is easy to implement and with a low TCO... Read more

H5-CPR / Centralized Reporting

H5-OAC can be deployed in only a few minutes and implemented/installed on a switch mirror port or of a network tap. H5-OAC does not require any modification or disruption of the information system. It is an all-in-one appliance, external and... Read more

Professional services

Professional services are performed by H5 audits or a H5 certified partner (Please contact us to get contact information). Professional services are designed to support you in getting the best out of the H5-Appliance. They are operational solutions that effectively... Read more

H5 support services

H5 audits’ provides support service for all of H5-Solutions (H5-100V, H5-100cc, H5-200, H5-200cc, H5-300cc, H5-700, H5-700cc, H5-Flow-Ent, H5-Flow-DC and H5-OAC). Support is available on one, three and five years modules. It includes the :
> Equipment maintenance,
> Software support... Read more

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