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Submitted by globaladmin on 29 May 2018

Solutions for Support

Helpdesk is in the front row with users as it is in charge of end-users relationship. When malfunctions and incidents are happening, support need to access complete and simple views. Goal is to : 

  • Be alerted on time regarding incident
  • Enhance problem solving processes in case of malfunctions
  • Accelerate MTTR ( Mean time to repair)


H5 audits provide to the Support department alerting in real-time regarding transit time degradation between one agency and the datacenter before the end-user starts to complain notice the slowdown.

H5 audits solutions offer :
> Real time alerting,
> Specific dashboards,
> Pro-activity and End-user experience comprehension.

These solutions allow to :
> On time alerting in case of incidents, 
> Improving productivity: pro-active instead of reactive,
> Escalation processes enhancement.

Information access is granted via 2 GUI :
H5-Dock : Java software interface giving access to the full/whole solution database.
> H5-Performance Reporter : Simple, complete and intuitive reporting interface that gives access to an instant and ergonomic dashboards view.

Need more information, please contact us via email ( or phone +33 1 56 83 77 30.

IP applications monitoring

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NetFlow/SFlow monitoring

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H5-CPR / Centralized Reporting

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Professional services

Professional services are performed by H5 audits or a H5 certified partner (Please contact us to get contact information). Professional services are designed to support you in getting the best out of the H5-Appliance. They are operational solutions that effectively... Read more

H5 support services

H5 audits’ provides support service for all of H5-Solutions (H5-100V, H5-100cc, H5-200, H5-200cc, H5-300cc, H5-700, H5-700cc, H5-Flow-Ent, H5-Flow-DC and H5-OAC). Support is available on one, three and five years modules. It includes the :
> Equipment maintenance,
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